Vision and Values


Where Children and Families Grow Together

Each day we are inspired by children. 

We’re inspired to do our best to contribute to a better future. We focus on taking care of our precious natural resources, and nurturing the potential of our future leaders. We stay at the forefront of innovation and research, to make sure all that we offer is the best it can be.

Children are at the heart of everything we do.

Every decision we make puts children first, touching every part of centre life, including: 

  • The design and resourcing of our centres

  • The creativity and care we put in to the execution of our curriculum

  • The close, genuine relationships we have with families

  • Our passion for play

  • The respect and love we have for our wonderful staff 

  • Our commitment to sustainable practises

  • The tasty, nutritious food we serve every day


Together We Thrive


We aim to foster a thriving ecosystem with our whanau and the wider community. We believe there is strength in community, and in the sharing of time, ideas and connection.

‘Nothing Without Joy’ – Loris Malaguzzi

Everything we do is infused with joy. When we have fun, our children have fun, and a happy brain is a receptive brain. New Shoots centres are exciting, vibrant and constantly providing joyful moments for everyone who walks through our doors. 


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