12 Days of Kindness. Day Eleven: Cook a meal for a new parent

11 Cook a meal.jpg

Cook a meal for a new parent – or anyone else that might need it. 

We all go through times when life is overwhelming, when there’s barely enough time to make a decent meal. Supportive friends can make all the difference. If you know someone in this sort of situation, help them out with a delicious meal for them and their family. 

Keep In mind whether they have any dietary requirements or preferences, and if you’re doing it as a surprise, make sure the meal is able to be frozen for later use. You never know if they’ve already arranged their dinner, and we wouldn’t want anyone’s work or ingredients to be wasted. 

For an extra topping of kindness, include a sweet treat for after dinner – maybe some chocolate or a punnet of strawberries. The little extras can make all the difference. 

Include a note to them, reminding them what a brilliant job they’re doing, what a wonderful friend they are, how much they mean to you and that they can call on you if they ever need help.  

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Jen Sievers