12 Days of Kindness. Day Nine: Donate a food parcel

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Make and donate a Food Parcel 

Donating useful food items to an appropriate charity can make a huge difference to families in need. Make sure that you find a charity that currently needs food, and check on their website for what their requirements are. We’ve looked up the details from Auckland City Mission, for their food parcel collections: 


Every Auckland City Mission food parcel contains the same core items, in order to ensure that the recipient has the ingredients necessary to create simple, nutritionally-balanced meals. Along with these items, food parcels might also include a few extra things, depending on what has recently been donated. Below is a list of the items that go into every family-size food parcel. 


2 x Cans of Baked Beans 420g 
2 x Cans Spaghetti 420g 
2 x Cans Tomatoes 400g 
2 x Canned Vegetables 400g 
2 x Canned Soup 420g 
3 x Canned Fruit 410g 
2 x Canned Meat 160g 
2 x Canned Fish 160g 
1 x Sauce/cream rice/etc 
1 x Jam/Peanut Butter/ Honey/etc 
1 x Flour 500g 
1 x Sugar 500g 
1 x Teabags 30 sachets 
1 x Rice 500g 
1 x Pasta 500g 
1 x Cereal 375-400g 
1 x Sausages/Meat 1kg 
1 x Margarine 500g 
1 x UHT Milk 1 litre 
1-2 x Bread (loaves) 
1 x Potatoes 1kg 
1 x Carrots 1kg 
1 x Onions 1kg 
1 x Toilet Roll 
1 x Soap 
1 x Shampoo 


They ask that food donations be brought directly to their Distribution Centre at 15 Auburn St, Grafton which is open 8am-3pm Monday-Saturday. See here for more details.  

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Jen Sievers