12 Days of Kindness. Day Seven: A gift to give

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What would be kinder than the gift of education?
The Jagriti Foundation is committed to supporting opportunities through education and community collaboration to empower children, women and men to lead lives of hope with realised potential. They run the Jagriti Academy, where they provide education for children who would otherwise not be educated. Helping them is giving an entire community hope for a better future. 

They’ve also made it super easy to do – here are three ways that you can help –  

1.   Buy these beautiful alphabet cards for only $10 – and the proceeds will go to the foundation. They would make a lovely, meaningful gift for eager learners. 

2. Buy a bike for a child to get to school – For $85 (NZD) you can grow a child’s world from where they can walk – to where they can ride. From the edge of the village… to school. 

3.  Educate a child – for $45 a month, you could pay for a child’s education. The greatest gift you could ever give. 


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While you’re here, please have a nosy at our website and get a feel for what we do at our New Shoots Children's Centres. And please feel free to contact the centre nearest to you to have a look around. We would love to meet you and your whanau!

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Jen Sievers