12 Days of Kindness. Day Three: Give someone a compliment

3 Give a Compliment.jpg

Give someone a compliment – and mean it. 
How often do you think something kind and not say it? “Wow, she did a fantastic job of that presentation” or “He’s so good at making the children laugh”. Sometimes we feel a bit awkward saying these sorts of things out loud. Well, today that changes.  

We are all surrounded by incredible people doing their best, let’s let them know that it’s being noticed. Start by really watching what people are doing around you, look for what they’re doing right (our negative bias often finds us looking for where people go wrong), then tell them!  Even a tiny compliment can make us feel fantastic for days. Make sure it’s heartfelt and true, and watch the recipient float off on a cloud of joy.

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Jen Sievers