12 Days of Kindness. Day One: Start With a Smile


Start with a smile. In fact, start with 10. Make it your mission to smile at at least 10 people today. Extra points if you get them to smile back.  
Life these days is often lacking in connection. We stare at our screens longingly, hoping to feel connected and loved, and the longer we do this, the more disconnected we become. A smile is an instant connection to another human being, a fleeting moment of remembering that we're all in this together. 
There are so many moments to practise the simple kindness of smiling. One of my favourites is in the traffic. We're 'stuck' for long periods of time in our metal boxes, staring forwards, often scowling at the idea of driving a little more slowly than we'd like to. Break the tension by smiling at the person driving next to you. Make a point of it with a huge grin. Add a wave if you feel called to. 
If your day isn't blessed with traffic, try it on a walk, or at the office, try it in the supermarket. Warm a stranger with your own personal sunshine. 
One place we also forget to smile, is at home. We're busy worrying about what to cook for dinner, the pile of laundry, the mortgage, working out when there will be enough time to finally clean the windows. We forget to look up and smile at the awesome people around us. Some of whom look to US to find their own joy. Smile at them whenever you can - in between the lists and tasks. Your smile will stay with them, warming their hearts for the rest of the day.  

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Jen Sievers