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How to support your child’s development from baby to preschooler 

Parenting comes naturally right? It’ll be innate and intuitive, we’ll just ‘feel in our waters’ what to do and instinctively meet our child’s every need until one day, we’ll pat ourselves on the back as we realise, they have blossomed into a happy genius. But life with children just isn’t like that. It can be fraught, worrying and perplexing as you wade through screeds of parenting-related garb, wondering whether you’re doing it right or if you should start saving for therapy now?

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How to start solids and introduce your child to finger foods safely

Starting solids is a milestone that provides maximum opportunities for your child. It’s not only about nourishment, creating healthy eating habits or trying a range of tastes and textures, learning to eat provides crucial building blocks for future development such as learning to chew, to speak, non-verbal communication cues and hand-eye coordination.

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The busy parent’s guide to less clutter and more calm

Struggling to manage the post-holiday clutter? Back into the weekly routine and  fighting your way through piles of ‘stuff’? You’re not alone.

Many of us have discovered the season for giving is leaving us with way too many ‘things’. As the hodgepodge mounts up, and we run out of time to sort it, we’re left feeling overwhelmed and disorganised.


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Biting – what is it all about?

There is no denying the level of emotions that can accompany biting.  Whether your child is biting or being bitten, the emotions can be intense. When biting is ongoing it can be a stressful time for all of the people involved.  There is a definite stigma surrounding biting.  The reality is, as unpleasant as it is, that for young toddlers biting is a common behaviour and part and parcel of their development.

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Preparing your child for LIFE

Becoming a parent is overwhelming. Suddenly we are responsible for this small person and as our primal instincts to protect them emerge, we find ourselves wanting to shelter them from life's storms. Sadly, just like the weather we can't control what happens in life. The good news is, we can prepare our children for this wild, wonderful world by nurturing their developing sense of self.

Here are five everyday approaches that will help:

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