12 Days of Kindness. Day Ten: Write a thank you letter

10 thank you letter.jpg

We highly recommend cracking out actual paper and pens for this one, but if you don’t have the appropriate supplies, or your handwriting has withered away beyond recognition from years of typing, a thank you Email is a close second. 

Do you remember being at school and learning to write a letter? A thank you letter was one of the first things we were ever taught to write, but we’ve forgotten to implement this beautiful practice in contemporary life. When we take the time to write a thank you letter, we think of more than just a single sentence. We go into detail, spend time focusing on the person we’re thanking and when they receive it, it causes a ripple effect of kindness and joy. 

Have you forgotten how to start? Here’s our quick guide: 

  1. Think of someone who you would like to thank. Your mum? The high school art teacher that made a huge difference in your life? The best friend that has your back every step of the way? Maybe you’d like to thank someone you’ve met only once but went out of their way to help you, or someone you haven’t spoken to in years. 

  2. Think of three things you’d like to say to them – you could start with one main point, eg “Thank you for always believing in me”, then back it up with two or more ways of how they did this, or details of their special way of doing it. 

  3. Now that you have your main points, start writing. A simple “Dear Mum” is a great start. You have your main points in mind, so try to write from the heart without thinking too much. This will make the letter more genuine and heart felt. 

  4. Sign the letter. Draw on or decorate it for some extra personalistion – it’s not every day you do this, so make it as special as you can. 

  5. Pop it into an envelope and either post or hand deliver it. 

Studies have shown that the act of writing regular thank you letters (or emails) improves the writer’s wellbeing. So making this a regular practice is recommended! 

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Jen Sievers