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Biting – what is it all about?

There is no denying the level of emotions that can accompany biting.  Whether your child is biting or being bitten, the emotions can be intense. When biting is ongoing it can be a stressful time for all of the people involved.  There is a definite stigma surrounding biting.  The reality is, as unpleasant as it is, that for young toddlers biting is a common behaviour and part and parcel of their development.

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Preparing your child for LIFE

Becoming a parent is overwhelming. Suddenly we are responsible for this small person and as our primal instincts to protect them emerge, we find ourselves wanting to shelter them from life's storms. Sadly, just like the weather we can't control what happens in life. The good news is, we can prepare our children for this wild, wonderful world by nurturing their developing sense of self.

Here are five everyday approaches that will help:

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Toddler tantrums and how to survive them

You’ve probably seen those Facebook posts doing the rounds, of 'reasons why my toddler had a tantrum' and had a giggle to yourself. We laugh because we can relate! Often it seems there’s no rhyme or reason behind the tantrum - from throwing themselves into a puddle because you dared ask them to put a raincoat on, to the full face of silent rage because you wouldn't let them play in the toilet water. 

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