We teach skills for life

Your children are busy growing and learning every minute of the day. Every person they meet, every butterfly they see, each time they build and create, exciting learning experiences help them form brand new connections in their brains.

At New Shoots childcare centres, we teach skills for life through experience and play. We’d love to partner with you and your child on their learning journey. Problem solving, determination and empathy are interwoven with the essential building blocks of literacy and numeracy - all within a caring and encouraging environment and a purpose built, environmentally-friendly space.


Celebrate the magic of play 

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Our curriculum

If your children are secure and happy, they’ll learn and develop to their full potential. New Shoots centres are about far more than child care. Children enjoy a well-prepared, carefully designed curriculum encompassing Te Whāriki (our New Zealand Early Childhood Education curriculum). From this holistic base, we bring learning to life in our beautiful, nature-rich environments, under the guidance of well-trained teachers and most importantly, plenty of play .

Our goal is to encourage a life-long love of learning and we facilitate this through open ended play. As children discover the magic in learning at this early age, they’re set up to seek out and enjoy opportunities to learn as they head towards school and beyond.

The educational theories that are important to us and form the basis of our curriculum delivery at New Shoots include:

  • Te Whāriki - the New Zealand Early Childhood Education curriculum
  • Howard Gardner’s ‘Theory of Multiple Intelligences’.
  • The principles of Pikler and RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers) Philosophies.
  • Children’s schema identification, based on the work of Athey (1990) and researched in New Zealand by Meade and Cubey (1996), is used as a tool to extend and develop children’s thinking.
  • Extended project work with older children is encouraged, based on the writings of Helm and Katz (2001) with the aim of identifying and building on children’s intellectual dispositions.

Thinking of enrolling?

Contact the centre of your choice – email or give us a call.

We can answer any questions you have, let you know availability for your child’s age group, and send you an enrolment form.

The best way to find out if we’re the right centre for you is by seeing it for yourself. Please come in for a visit, we’d love to meet you.

If you want to read more about New Shoots, please download our parent handbook.


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