New Shoots Hamilton Childcare Centre

We are a modern, inner city centre providing education and care for our tamariki. The team are passionate about outdoor education and have a “Playing in Nature” commitment. Our preschool tamariki take a bus to Taitua arboretum every week and spend the day playing in the gorgeous natural surrounds offered there. Our three-year-olds walk to the lake every week to play in the bush and open grass area ensuring they are experiencing a natural, play-based programme.

New Shoots Hamilton is very well resourced and feels like a home away from home. We value a play-based programme of learning, genuine respect and understanding and encourage trusting, respectful partnerships with our parents and whānau. We believe in encouraging whānau participation, being involved in community events and supporting charities.

Our passionate teachers all have a lifelong love of learning and continue to learn and grow alongside our whānau and tamariki. Ako Ako.


Centre details

Ratios: Infants 1:3, Toddlers 1:5, Preschool 1:8 

Opening Times: Monday-Friday, 7.00am-5.45pm 

Address: 109-117 Tristram Street
Hamilton Central 3204

Phone number: +64 7 859 3377



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Enrolment Fees July 2019

Under three years or over three years NOT taking up 20 hours

  • Two days $121
  • Three days $169
  • Four days $227
Five days full time $260

Over THREE Years
AND taking up 20 Hours

  • Two days $81
  • Three days $109
  • Four days $132
Five days full time $160


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