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Light, colour and space. Beauty and balance are essential ingredients at every New Shoots child care centre, and so is the wonderful scent of home cooking! The New Shoots kitchen is always at the heart of the centre, full of nutritious, mouthwatering goodies your child will love.


Light, colour and space


Created for children and families

Purpose-built and designed in collaboration with an architect, spatial designers, engineers, landscape architects and early childhood professionals, every New Shoots child care centre is unique. However, when it comes to putting sustainability and our environment first, we have a lot in common, including:

  • Every decision in the design process puts children’s needs and aspirations first
  • We believe children respond to beauty, so our centres are created for functionality and aesthetics, with colour, form and shape considered in every artwork, decor choice and material
  • All centres are oriented to receive natural daylight, minimising the need for artificial lighting
  • Each space uses passive ventilation methods to limit cross infection and reduce harmful CO2 build ups
  • All building materials are selected with an understanding of the impact they have on a child’s health and wellbeing, including the lowest VOC (solvent) levels possible
  • Every one of our centres champions opportunities to get up close and personal with the great outdoors. Airy, spacious interiors flow seamlessly into large, luscious outdoor areas with nature-inspired play space.

Group sizes

Rooms designed with care for infants, toddlers and preschoolers give each child freedom to learn and play, plus regular opportunities for interaction between age groups.

Infant Rooms have an average teacher to child ratio of 1:4 and a maximum group size of 12 – 16 tamariki.

Toddler Rooms have an average teacher to child ratio of 1:6 and a maximum group size of 15 – 25 tamariki.        

Preschool Rooms have an average teacher to child ratio of 1:8 and a maximum group size of 20 – 28 tamariki.

Community is important

From the coastal sands and grasses of Papamoa to the lush greenery of Westgate, each individual centre is purpose-built to reflect its unique community and environment.       


Thinking of enrolling?

Contact the centre of your choice – email or give us a call.

We can answer any questions you have, let you know availability for your child’s age group, and send you an enrolment form.

The best way to find out if we’re the right centre for you is by seeing it for yourself. Please come in for a visit, we’d love to meet you.

If you want to read more about New Shoots, please download our parent handbook.


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