Carmina Agbayani (Mina) - Teacher


Mina has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Development from the University of the Philippines (U.P.). Plus, she has a Graduate Diploma in Arts Psychology at Massey University. She joined our centre in 2017.

“I believe providing children equity in care and education is achieved through knowing, understanding, respecting and valuing children’s uniqueness and talents. I also believe in being passionate about looking at the hearts of children and loving them unconditionally.   When children feel your love for them, their growth, development and learning are enhanced.

Mina has teaching experience working for an International School in the Philippines, as a Kindergarten and Preparatory level (New Entrant) teacher and as an ECE curriculum designer. Here in New Zealand, she’s worked as an ECE relieving teacher for several different centres.

“What I love about being a teacher is the joy children give me - their sweetest smiles, contagious giggles, tight hugs and sincere wishes.” 

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