Tiffany Wang - Head Teacher


Tiffany and her husband moved to New Zealand from China in 2012. Teaching since 2013, most of her teaching roles have been with infants and toddlers. She started her journey with New Shoots in April 2017.

“I especially love the Pikler approach to infant care, which emphasises the importance of providing tender care, respecting children’s own pace of motor development and responding to their cues.

One particular workshop about infant brain development has greatly influenced my way of teaching. It indicates that a baby’s brain absorbs all the information 400,000 times faster than an adult’s, through sensory experiences. Therefore, I strive to provide infants and toddlers a variety of sensory play opportunities through daily settings.

My personal teaching philosophy is also inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach. I believe that children are curious learners who are born with a desire to learn from their environment. My responsibility is to foster positive learning dispositions like courage, curiosity, perseverance and confidence in children, which supports them to become lifelong competent learners.”

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