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Meet our Centre Director at New Shoots Ramarama – Clare Prinsloo. We were lucky enough to catch up with Clare of New Shoots Ramarama as they prepare to open their doors this month.

What’s your all time favourite children’s book?

‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ written by Michael Rosen.

It provides great opportunities for discussion as well as a wide range of follow up experiences you can provide and set up – right down to going on your own bear hunt!

What’s your favourite type of play?

That would have to be music and movement. Having worked with infants and toddlers, it always amazes me how early on children develop awareness of rhythm, pitch, and tone. Even the youngest of infants are responsive to music as it is a universal means of expression and communication, no matter where you are from.

Tell us your story about you got into the early learning sector?

Growing up I always wanted to be a teacher. I have vivid memories of leading play experiences where I would be the teacher with my cousins and friends at school.

It wasn’t until I got older that I seemed to gravitate to young children and form connections with children that were under 5 years.

I started relieving in the school holidays at a country creche in my teens and had realised my calling. Upon finishing high school, I plunged straight into study and thoroughly enjoyed it. On my final placement was assigned an infant and toddler room. My associate teacher (who later became a monumental mentor for me) helped me to develop confidence in working with infants and toddlers as I didn’t have much experience with that age. By the end of my placement I enjoyed it so much I never left! I was lucky enough to be offered a full time position. I had found my niche working alongside infants and toddlers, which became the base for my career. Fast forward 15 years and I couldn’t imagine being in any other line of work!

What is one thing that parents could do to encourage children learning at home ?

Learning occurs at any moment and at any time. Being present even just for 10 minutes to simply play and interact with your child is so invaluable to creating meaningful learning. Talk to your child and just ‘be’. In a world where life is so busy, taking the time to simply play with your child (especially outside) creates a love of lifelong learning.

What is your favourite rainy-day activity for under 5’s?

Getting your raincoat, gumboots and an umbrella and splashing in the puddles is guaranteed a favourite. If that’s not your jam, building a fort in the lounge with material, blankets, sheets and cuddling up with some books is always a winner in my house.

What is it about your centre that makes it special?

Every inch of our space in our centre has been designed for children to experience a beautiful space where they can tinker, potter, create and investigate.

Our teachers have passion and a love of setting up experiences that engage children and building on children’s capabilities.

We are also part of an up and coming community that is semi-rural with the local primary school just a short walk up the road.

We are so excited to get to know the community and work alongside them.

What is the centre philosophy?

We believe in order to learn and develop, a child must be in a secure and happy environment. This is enhanced wit the support of warm, caring and well-trained teachers. Children are stimulated by a well prepared and carefully designed curriculum. A good quality physical environment allows children and teachers to maximise play and ‘work’. New Shoots encourages children to develop their full potential through the opportunity to experience a broad range of hands-on experience with the support of Kaiako (teachers).

Our new centre in Ramarama is now open! You can read more about the centre here.

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Enrolment Conditions

New Shoots operates as a full day service and do not offer short days or sessions;
Our fees include high quality teacher ratios above Ministry of Education Standards;
Minimum enrolment is two days per week; A $50 enrolment fee will be due upon enrolment to confirm your place;
Two weeks notice is required when terminating enrolment; 10% discount is applicable to your eldest child’s fees if you have two or more children attending New Shoots full time;
Nappies and food are provided; and Formula is not provided – this must be brought in from home if required. 

To be read in conjunction with the Fee Policy.
Fees effective from 1st April 2022.