What makes a community?

This was the question on the minds of the designers and architects behind the newly developed Hunua Views subdivision as roads were laid, power poles were installed, and show homes were built back in 2019.

Community is more than infrastructure. It’s more than streets and houses and utilities. Those are necessary elements, sure. The bones of a community. The foundations of a neighbourhood, but not its essence.

A community offers a sense of belonging. Opportunities for connection. A unique place where its inhabitants thrive. That was the goal for Hunua Views; to create a space where people could gather, get to know one another, share food, stories, experiences.

That was also the goal for New Shoots Ramarama: to offer Hunua Views an early childhood centre that perfectly pairs with the streams, the streets, and the culture their community is built upon.

An introduction to Hunua Views

Hunua Views is Ramarama’s newest neighbourhood. Set among the wetlands of the Hunua Ranges, it’s 30 minutes south of Auckland’s CBD, yet bursting with nature.

Walkways weave across streams and green spaces extend as far as the eye can see. Titoki and kōwhai trees were planted, and native eels were rehomed and protected. Here, young families can enjoy the great outdoors with ease. It’s the perfect setting for a strong, vibrant, and growing community.

A sense of belonging

Hunua Views was built with input from local Iwi group Ngaati Whanaunga, and street names like Roslyn Farm Street and Wharau Lane pay tribute to both the farms and whānau who used to live on this land.

Between the nod to the neighbourhood’s history, the nature, and the generous house and land packages on offer, it wasn’t long before neighbours were shaking hands and children were playing at the park.

The up-and-coming development had evolved from plans on paper to a lively and supportive community. There was a sense of belonging, a feeling of connection. It was time to open the doors to the local primary school and early childhood centre.

The beautiful and bespoke New Shoots Ramarama

Since October, 2022, families have been discovering New Shoots Ramarama – a children’s centre built with the community in mind. While the centre is found just off the Hunua Views motorway, it draws in families from the neighbouring communities of Bombay, Drury, Pukekohe, and Pokeno, too.

With its modern timber and maroon-coloured exterior and bright, airy interior, New Shoots Ramarama is a collaboration of architects and spatial designers, engineers, landscape designers, and early childhood professionals.

It’s an early childhood centre like no other – a beautiful, cosy, engaging home-away-from-home for tamariki and an integral part of the thriving Hunua Views community.

The unique character of New Shoots

Like the beautiful Hunua Ranges in the background, the aesthetics of New Shoots play a big role. Inside, you’re greeted by warm light, high ceilings, and calming colours. There are cosy couches, potted plants, and an abundance of texture.    

Then there’s the mouth-watering aroma of home cooked lunches and freshly baked goods. The natural resources lining the shelves; the sounds of laughter, music, and play. 

Beyond each classroom’s sliding glass doors, a world of imagination awaits. With sandpits and shrubs, covered gardens and walkways mirroring those found throughout Hunua Views, our outdoor play area allows children to connect with the earth, no matter the weather.

At every turn, children are invited to engage their senses and pursue their curiosity, always supported by a team of responsive, passionate kaiako. Like a miniature version of the neighbourhood beyond, New Shoots Ramarama is already a thriving community.

Everyone is welcome in Hunua Views

Hunua Views is a diverse community in many ways. There are people from the far corners of the world. There are Aucklanders who have traded in the fast-paced, inner-city lifestyle for a slower-paced, family-friendly one. There are nature lovers, city slickers, and former farmers all living side by side.

Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, there’s a place for you in the ever-evolving Hunua Views community.

As Hunua Views continues to grow, so will New Shoots. But, like the neighbourhood it is a part of, our early childhood centre has been designed with intention, built with purpose, and believes in making a positive impact in the lives of tamariki, whānau, and community.

Welcome to Hunua Views and New Shoots Ramarama

Whether you’re new to the community, or just on the lookout for a new early childhood centre that suits your lifestyle, we’d love to get to know you and your child at New Shoots Ramarama.

Contact us here, give us a ring, or pop in for a visit!

And to learn more about New Shoots, visit our website or join our lively online community via Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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Enrolment Conditions

New Shoots operates as a full day service and do not offer short days or sessions;
Our fees include high quality teacher ratios above Ministry of Education Standards;
Minimum enrolment is two days per week; A $50 enrolment fee will be due upon enrolment to confirm your place;
Two weeks notice is required when terminating enrolment; 10% discount is applicable to your eldest child’s fees if you have two or more children attending New Shoots full time;
Nappies and food are provided; and Formula is not provided – this must be brought in from home if required. 

To be read in conjunction with the Fee Policy.
Fees effective from 1st April 2022.